Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Trevi Olive Estate is a signatory to the Australian Olive Association’s (AOA) world-first, industry Code of Practice to ensure quality, authenticity and confidence in the Australian olive industry.

The Code aims to provide security and confidence to consumers and investors in Australia and overseas that certified Australian olive oil meets high industry standards.
To be certified by the Code of Practice, products must be Australian and undergo organoleptic (taste) and chemical testings.

The extraction of oil from olives is a relatively straightforward process involving only a couple of critical steps.

As a signatory to the code of practice, Trevi Olive Estate is committing itself to only use undamaged olives, process them quickly after picking, employ the services of a spotlessly clean mill and not to strive for excessive extraction.

The end result, as we already know, is sound quality olive oil.

Furthermore, modern olive groves like Trevi Olive Estate, are generally better equipped than traditional European farms to harvest olives on time and have them processed quickly, two key elements for achieving a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

In fact, Trevi Olive Estate fruit is processed within 24 hours of harvesting where processing temperature is kept at 28C in the malaxer to ensure a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is achieved.

Of particular interest to export markets, all steps through the process ensure Trevi Olive Estate oils are Kosher and Ha’lal accredited.