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27 month old trees at Trevi Olive Estate

27 month old trees at Trevi Olive Estate

Trevi Olive Estate is the Mozart of Australia’s Olive industry. Just as Mozart began playing harpsichord when only three years old, so too has Trevi Olive Estate begun bringing music to the ears of olive aficionados while still in its infancy.

The secret to Trevi Olive Estate’s early success is the third generation farming experience of owner, Robin Trevilyan, his passion for gardening, and the careful selection of the high density, low vigour olive variety, Signore.

The Estate is located in Adelaide’s “food bowl” at Two Wells and was originally host to a broadacre cereal farm. However, in 2003, Robin and Lesley Trevilyan began converting their property to an olive grove in ways that would set new benchmarks for Olive Oil production.

Before this transformation began, rigorous research identified that Trevi Olive Estate must focus on producing high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil because it is a functional food product in high demand around the world due to the many health benefits associated with its daily consumption.

Rich, suitable soils, ideal climate, access to Class A recycled water from the Virginia Irrigation Scheme, and strategic operations designed to produce olives to the highest of environmental standards, Trevi Olive Estate completed the list of key factors needed to make the operation a success.

With all the elements perfectly orchestrated, it is not surprising that:

  • Robin and Lesley won Australian Olive Grower Of The Year in 2007.
  • Trevi Olive Estate won two 2009 silver medals.
  • Export orders have already been filled to California and China.
Ripping and Forming Rows for efficient olive production

Ripping and Forming Rows for efficient olive production

A strict regime was followed in preparing the property from its previous use to an olive grove. Forward planning meant that vital engineering could be installed to make cropping highly efficient, including creation of a GPS-friendly layout, development of raised mounds to avoid water-logging, installation of twin dripper rows and water monitors to ensure constant soil moisture in the root zone,  and early implementation of one-pass pruning that trims the hedge row and skirt and stimulates better cropping.

Trevi Olive Estate pays close attention to the nutritional program for its trees, undertaking yearly soil testing and foliar testing as required. Importantly, the Estate’s design and management means weeds along the tree line have been non-existent after year three, thanks to strong competition from the healthy trees.

Thanks to the meticulous planning process in designing the grove, Trevi Olive Estate is able to efficiently harvest at night with over the row harvesters, should fruit temperature become too high during the final, critical stage of the season.